Thursday, June 24, 2004


Park It!

We went to the park again today. I am thinking of making it a Thursday arvo ritual.
Before we went to the park though, I decided it was time for Miranda to have a trim, and she readily agreed.

The fringe is a bit wonky but that could be because her idea of brushing is pushing her hair back from her face.

Merc decided to join us at the park after a little nap in the car. Her sleepless nights have also been related to the cold she has at current. I have taken to sleeping her on her side, propped up with a pillow, and a little vapour rub near her.

It was too sunny a day for Jade. I hope the hat came home with us.

Erin on her way to get a drink or was that to wet her pants?

Miranda was there also but I didn't get any clear shots of her. All of these pics were taken through the windscreen of the car (which I cleaned just yesterday).

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