Friday, June 04, 2004


The Rhythm Of Life


So, what is the Rhythm Of My Life?

There are many different rhythms that surround me, 4 which stand out amongst the rest. It is these 4 rhythms that actually control the rhythm of mine.
Let me introduce these 4 unique and individual rhythms


She is the youngest of my rhythms. Being at the tender age of 4 months, her rhythm is constantly changing and growing. What she has revealed so far is a sweet rhythm, very giving and patient, blending in with what I try to think of as mine.


Almost 3 years and still an active toddler. She loves to be mischievous and have fun, always striving to be as big as her sisters. I haven't quite worked out her rhythm but I know she will find it soon, in the meantime I will try to enjoy her cuddles and funny little quirks.


She is 5, trying to go on 7. She is surprisingly like me as a child so I can look back and see what my rhythm was like and then I can look forward and hope what her rhythm might be like. Her rhythm is set at full speed, only resting when her eyes shut at night to allow sleep to catch up.


She is the oldest and strongest rhythm of those I call my children. Being almost 8 (22 days to go and counting) she has found her rhythm, but as we all know, that too will soon be disrupted and she will have to find it again. We hope that we can help her successfully towards her new rhythm in life as she goes through life. Her rhythm is currently predictable and stable.

Now for the reason behind those 4 rhythms.

My wonderful hubby.

Pictures taken using HP Photosmart 945

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