Thursday, June 17, 2004


Ta Da!

Today the magical fairy visited me, at 3am.
No, she did not do the house work for me (pity), but she dropped a nice little sum of money into our bank account. Thanks magical fairy.
After that she waved her magical wand causing me to get up early enough to have a shower before the children rose. Next I missed a phonecall on my mobile and when I rang back to see who and what and why, they had no idea but asked if I wanted a man, they had 20 to choose from. I had to say no as I already have one.
Running late, but with no timelines, I managed to get the kids out of the door at 9.45am. Off to pick up the late but arrived pair of riding gloves for the eldest and finally to preschool. Kids were reasonably well behaved at getting dropped off today.
Off to shopping and wow, I had some money to spend and only a pair of board shorts to wear. I quickly altered that by taking advantage of the end of financial year sales and purchased a pair of jeans, stretch jeans too, but not so tight they show the wrong bumps (?).
Groceries and I kept it under budget..yeeha!
Nummy but simple lunch, booked the venue for my mothers 50th birthday (not costing me a cent either), reconfirmed the early arrival of hubby (he is on tonight's plane instead of tomorrow night's plane). Wrote this and contemplated a mad rush about the house before the laptop gets dropped back home and we head out to the park to shoot birds...shoot photos of the birds.
A mum's life is never dull, just quiet when children sleep at 3am in the morning.

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