Saturday, July 24, 2004


100 Things About Me

  1. I was born 28 years ago
  2. I have 3 sisters
  3. 2 are younger and 1 is older
  4. I do not know how many cousins I have as I do not know them all.
  5. My parents were divorced when I was somewhere between 0 and 2.
  6. My mum remarried when I was 4 or 5
  7. Two of my sisters are half sisters
  8. My first pet was a budgerigar named Tweety
  9. He was yellow, said hello and whistled
  10. He died of pneumonia
  11. I once lived near the beach
  12. My sister (older) was married 1 year and 1 day before me
  13. I had 2 weddings
  14. The official one was in New Zealand
  15. We had medieval style garb
  16. We feasted, threw food and celebrated in an old medieval style hall
  17. We used over 200 candles to light the place
  18. I walked through mud to get to where our garden wedding was to be
  19. The 'boys' had a 'wench' tend to them during the ceremony
  20. I had to give the 'boys' sword fighting tips
  21. My first was born when I was 20
  22. She was 4 weeks early
  23. My second was born 3 weeks early
  24. I was 22
  25. My third was born when I was 25
  26. She was 2 weeks early and by ceaser
  27. My fourth was born when I was 27
  28. She was 2 weeks early and by VBAC
  29. I have had 2 miscarriages
  30. One was with the second, she was a twin
  31. We have moved 6 times
  32. Two times were done in the rain
  33. Hubby has changed for the better in the last 5 years
  34. I once set the kitchen on fire
  35. The gas hosing split where it shouldn't have and it caught alight
  36. We were watching a program on volcanoes at the time
  37. Hubby was down in Melbourne at the time
  38. Erin was two weeks old at the time
  39. She slept through the whole thing, as did Jade
  40. I bought myself a keeshond 5 years ago
  41. Her name is Raz Soondari
  42. She is afraid of cameras
  43. Soondari was derived from an Indian word meaning beautiful woman
  44. I have had various pets, including budgies, cats, turtles, crayfish, dogs, cow and fish (fresh and salt water)
  45. Erin's middle name came from her great grandmother on hubby's side
  46. Mercedes' middle name is a family name from my side
  47. It goes back at least 4 generations
  48. I hate taking tablets of any kind
  49. I once reached brown belt, 10 years ago
  50. I once got a huge bruise from trying to break wood with my forearm, but it didn't stop me from showing how to break wood
  51. I quit just before I was due to go for my black belt
  52. I could do sprints well when I was in primary school (ages 6 - 12)
  53. I had my first boyfriend when I was 6
  54. His name was Sturt Bleming
  55. My first best friend's name was Weisha Jordan
  56. I lost contact with Weisha when we both moved schools
  57. I got sent to an all girls school because of my sister
  58. I didn't mind
  59. I was asked to continue music but since I didn't like it, I passed on the offer
  60. My friends and I used to play sports during our lunch break (ages 13 to 15)
  61. We played netball, handball and volleyball
  62. I almost failed maths but now keep books for a client
  63. Religious Education was when the teachers routinely didn't turn up to class
  64. My headmaster's name was Paul Dickey
  65. His wife's name was Ophelia
  66. Say them together
  67. I am a certified caterer
  68. One teacher didn't like me so he failed me
  69. I had to complete the associate diploma when my first was 6 mths old
  70. My sister used to babysit for me
  71. Hubby was my first
  72. I was an IRC addict
  73. I can't remember the last time I wasn't breastfeeding or pregnant
  74. Yes I can, it was 7 mths after we were married
  75. I love to draw and be arty
  76. I try to be creative in my writing
  77. I don't get sick when everyone else is, I get sick after they are all better
  78. I only have one friend I keep contact with from highschool
  79. I only have one friend I keep in contact with from college
  80. My best friend is hubby
  81. My family has only really started coming together as a real family when my step father left mum for another woman
  82. I have a cousin who will never be what he used to be due to a car accident. He can occasionally say words but is basically in a vegetative state
  83. He is my favourite cousin
  84. We used to ride the farm bike together and have fun being friends
  85. When he was in ICU he squeezed my hand
  86. I hope he gets better then what he is
  87. I have an aunty who has kids the same age as my kids
  88. I love to cook
  89. I like to create in cooking
  90. Not all of my creations turn out
  91. I can type one handed
  92. I used to belly dance
  93. I want to get back into belly dancing
  94. I once performed in a show for belly dancing
  95. I have a teddy bear which is 28 years old this Christmas and is currently looked after by Miranda
  96. I don't reveal too intimate details on my blog
  97. I like lollies, preferably those with taste and aren't like chewing on a piece of rubber
  98. My desk is a mess but I know where things are unless someone else moves them
  99. I am trying to keep alive some strawberry plants
  100. I like to blog, as you can see.

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