Saturday, July 24, 2004


3 Days

It is hard to believe I have had nothing to say for 3 days. Well, quite a lot has happened and I have had a lot to say but have been caught up in other things so I haven't sat down to blog.
Friday Night
We went to pick up hubby from the airport and on the way there I discovered two very interesting things.
Jade is an animal linguist
Miranda is telepathic

Jade to Mum : I can speak to animals
Miranda to Jade : No you can't.
Mum to Miranda : How do you know she can't?
Miranda to Mum : I can read her mind.

After the airport it was off to indoor soccer for Tim. They won 7-0
Then home at 10.30pm and bed at 11pm.

Up at 6am so I could get Miranda to horse riding for a 7am saddle up, then home by 9am.
I am happy to say that Miranda has advanced to group lessons. (She is also happy about this)
I contemplated going back to bed but decided to stay up and encourage the girls to eat breakfast while hubby lay in bed reading.
Jade and Erin decided to use their new paints at the kitchen table so Tim set it up for them. Oh how I wish I had taken a picture of the after painting / before bath scene. I will say this, I did have to get the mop and a bucket of hot water to the floor, walls and bench.
After hubby headed to outdoor soccer (and he hurt himself) the kids played reasonably well while I dealt with laundry and messes while a sick bubs slept.
Merc has had a temp the last 2 days, I hope it goes away anytime now. I have been trying to control it with paracetamol and warm baths. On the good side, she hasn't lost her appetite and is drinking plenty so she isn't dehydrated.
I also started a list of 100 things about me. I am up to 50.
Made a dinner which was not the best. We learn from our mistakes so I shall learn from this and not use those noodles again.
Right now....I sit resting before the bedtimes for children comes up and hope this makes sense as I grow tired from too early a morning and a long day.
These past 3 days have been pretty good and I can only hope tomorrow is better yet.

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