Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Can I Go To Bed Now?

Ugh what a day..this is just a quick note before I head out to end the day with a session of girls brigade and keep the younger 3 happy.
  1. an order I put through is incorrect and I only found this out by multiple phonecalls to them, not them calling me.
  2. baby threw up on me, leaving a wet trail from breast to shirt edge
  3. just as baby threw up, toddler peed her pants which I had just put on her
  4. no one will by my fruit preserver because I refuse to buy lids and seals which would cost me as much as they were willing to pay
  5. there is a massive toy sale on which I could easily spend thousands at but don't have the thousands to spend
  6. I have a headache
  7. the 1kg of strawberries I bought got eaten (about 2/3 of them did) before I had a chance to do anything with them (not really a gripe as they are good for them)
  8. buba wants my attention despite the fact we are going out
now I gotta go out, amuse 3 kids for 2 hours then head home and try to get bubs to sleep
hope you had a good day.

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