Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Cookies & Milk

Cookies and milk is yummy, especially when you let the milk soak into the cookie first, and when the cookies are gingernuts.
I induldged in this treat after a short session in Runescape.
What I want to get is a bottomless and weightless bag, if you can get them.

What was my day like today? It was alright. The order problem was sorted out (finally), my ideas at the parent committee were happily accepted, we didn't get to the library (maybe Friday) but we did complete al schoolwork with minimum fuss after a little explanation as to why we must increase our workload.
Oh yeah, bubs didn't throw up on me but laughed at/with me.
I am thinking about bathing bubs cause she has had slept on hair since her last bath.
Bubs is oh so gorgeous and can almost roll over from back to tum.
That's about it for today.
How was your day?

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