Sunday, July 18, 2004


Friday A Bit Late

Friday was a day/night worth remembering.
We started the day by having medicals for life insurance. (I passed with flying colours but the jury is still out on Tim, though I am sure he will pass)
After a little bit of work around the house we headed out to buy fish food, drop off fruit and veg to some friends and then to Tim's indoor soccer game.
The boys creamed the other team, winning 10 - 0.
During the game, Erin did a few amusing things.
Jadeen headed off to the toilets at one stage and Erin followed. When they did not come back after a few minutes I became the curious parent and went to explore the situation. I totally expected to see Erin running around naked or flushing all the toilets. I got neither of these things. What I did find was a shower running and it was only the hot tap turned on. What is a mum to do?
I did what I had to and that was wrap my jacket around my arm and turn on the cold tap. By this stage I was only a little bit wet.
(Note : I could not get to the hot tap without getting totally soaked in the very hot water and that is why I turned the cold on)
Ok, by now the water was warm enough for me to reach in and turn off both taps. This is when I got wet. Most of my right side got wet and the water on my jacket from before was now cold but fortunately not soaked through.
Incident 1 taken care of.
We get back out and I sit down, chat happily to bubs, miss about 4 goals and turn around to discover a half naked toddler (bottom half) trying to get her top off. I take off again and quickly dress her and make her aware of the people there and that is she did it again we would be sitting in the car.
Sitting back down again I take a short breather before looking around for Erin again. This time she is with her sister and they are hiding under the tables. What are they doing down there?
They are thoughtfully removing the chewing gum stuck under there (fortunately not eating it).
The game soon finished and then we headed out to grab a bite to eat (fish and chips) and off home with 4 sleeping children. (I do not think all of them were sleeping but it was a nice thought so I will leave it at that)

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