Thursday, July 08, 2004


Glad To Be At Home

I am glad that I work from home, especially on days like today.
Erin (2) had a temperature yesterday and a few other symptoms that a cold was coming on so I was able to afford the luxury of being able to keep her home today from childcare. I still had my work to do but I was able to juggle the day so that I didn't need to go out (except to buy milk).
She is tucked up in bed now, with vicks rubbed on her chest, warm blankets on top of her and a doll to cuddle. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.
She has a fighting spirit so has not allowed herself to be drawn into doing nothing. She has played with her sisters, gotten lots of cuddles and gotten into mischief. I can see her still in there but I can also see that she is not well in her eyes.
Just 2 days to go till my mum's birthday surprise party, hope she will be better by then.

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