Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Gone And Done It

Tonight, admist a hyped up toddler, preschooler and baby, I headed out to check out the gyms in the areas around where Miranda goes to girls brigade.
One lady wouldn't look at me much and kept dropping the price of 'membership' so I would sign up that night. I did tell her I couldn't do it because they didn't offer childcare during the times I could go. I still went away with a piece of paper with a confusing picture on the back (she tried to draw the differences in costs).
The other place I went to, I had been there previously, about 10 years ago. Their prices were still good and they gave me a simple easy to understand brief on the prices. It costs $10 for a casual visit or $14.95 (per week) for unlimited. They also have childcare for free and on the night I want it. There is also a class that starts about 15 minutes after I drop Miranda to girl's brigade. Now I just need to convince the girls that being in the creche is the best place in the world to be on a Tuesday night.

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