Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Horsin' Around

The two elder kids went to a work shop today. It was a free one put on by the local library (or Libarry as Erin calls it). The girls made wooden horse puppets. (When I get the chance I will photograph them and post a pic)
While they were doing this Erin, Merc and I headed off to the post office, dealt with some mail, then to the local grocery shop for ice cream, and after ice cream was had we then headed to the newsagency for a browse through.
It was a relaxing afternoon really.
Before that there was a little stress as some work I had to do for a client, just was not working out, columns were not adding. I felt so dumb in not being able to reconcile their work and then not even understanding half of the words they were saying on the phone.
My mind feels like a sieve lately, unable to catch everything. Maybe it is because I am tired.
I did however, remember to order my mum's birthday cake and tonight I will aim to get some photos printed so I can start up the memory album I am giving her for her birthday.
Today I did a little early birthday present giving, I trimmed a few bushes and vines for her. I unstrangled the mock orange from the passionfruit vine, trimmed back a purple plant and removed some passionfruit vine from under the patio, opening it up for more light and air. It wasn't a lot but the work was noticeable.
While I dealt with that, my sister bathed Merc and her hair still won't sit down.
This is just a little of my day, but right now it is time to go watch The Wild Thornberrys.

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