Friday, July 09, 2004


How To Confuse A TeleMarketer

I received a call on my mobile today. They were asking to speak to the main householder. This instantly triggered a series of thoughts that went along the lines of "Why is a telemarketer ringing my mobile?"

The conversation went as such (as best as I can recall it anyhow)

Them : Good morning, I am (name) from (mumbled and quickly spoken business name). Would I be able to speak to the main householder?
Me : Uh............................The main householder is not available at the moment.
Them : I will call back later then.
Me : But I am not at home.
Them : (silence)
Me : I am on my mobile phone and won't be home for ages (small lie about when I would be home)
Them : Is your home phone diverted to your mobile?
Me : No, you rang my mobile.
Them : Oh ok, goodbye.

End of call

What I don't like about telemarketers is that they always call you at inopportune times and that I have not been stricken from their lists yet. I am not rude or anything, just let them know that I will not buy over the phone.
The reason behind this is because it is so simple to listen into a normal phone conversation with a simple baby monitor.
With our baby monitor, when the sending end is switched off and the receiving end on, it tends to pick up phone conversations which are on the same frequency.
I do not listen into the conversations, but quickly switch it off.

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