Thursday, July 22, 2004


I Am Missed!

I am missed by my old role playing buddies.
I used to roleplay various characters on IRC and just recently I have been asked by a few (whom I still keep in contact with) to come back and role play(rp).
I have had to say no to them as IRC rp is just too damn addictive. It is like a drug and you need more and when you stop you go through withdrawals of not knowing what to do with your time.
I do not know how I ever found time to rp in the beginning.
I won't be going back as I can see it happening all over again, well maybe not as I am a little wiser now then I used to be.
I used to prefer to play fantastical creatures, my favourite being elves.
When playing an elf I preferred a ranger type character with little or no magic. I preferred to know what I was dealing with.
This name Rasita was from my very first role playing character, but that was table top AD&D.
She was named Rasita Rascel and was a half elf ranger who wore a black catsuit with a chain mail shirt over top.
I like to rp and that is why I play Runescape (just started that a few days ago). Maybe if hubby reads this we could start some kind of D&D game online, where people post in their character's responses.
I used to play an email rp game. It was slow but it still allowed for the creative side to come out.
Anyhow, enough rambling for now, time to get back to work and organise the mundane task of grocery shopping.

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