Friday, July 02, 2004


No Comments Please

Today I did something totally out of character for myself. I argued with a woman who apparently thought I was a bad mother.
As always, I left the 4 girls in the car (which was running) while I jumped out to check the mail box. I came back, gave them some instructions (which they followed I am happy to say) and ducked into the post office. The post office has big glass windows and you can not help but see what goes on in the car park. While I waited I was busy watching Erin climb around the car and playing hide and seek with a sheet.
I paid for my purchase and then turned around to be greeted by an irate woman who demanded to know if it was my toddler sitting in the front seat on my car, out of her child restraint. I answered her yes and then she proceeded to tell me that my kids could get kidnapped, someone could take off with the car and that the toddler should not be out of her car seat and definitely not on the front seat of the car.
We have a people mover and it really does have heaps of room to move. It is a manual car and it has a clutch pedal installed. There is no way a toddler could press in the clutch, put the car into reverse (it couldn't go forward due to a concrete barrier) and then drive it backwards, up a slight hill. The car would stall before any of that could happen.
There is also no way I was going to lock the kids inside the car without it running. It might be winter but it is still hot enough to heat up the car which could then make the kids sick. And I was not going to take all four kids into the shop for 2 minutes because then the stop would have turned into 30 minute stop.
I do not know what the people behind the counter thought but I know the lady behind the counter laughed a little when I said, to myself, that the toddler couldn't drive the car, it was manual.
I went out to the car and the lady yelled at me some more, saying she should report me to the police. What for? If she reports me then I should report her for verbal assault, but I am not going to do that.
She did not notice the other girls in the car, especially the baby. She stopped yelling at me in the post office when I mentioned I had 4 girls in the car, and they weren't all little.
I trust my girls to do what is right. They know not to trust strangers and to lock the car when I am not around. I never leave the 3 younger in the car unless the eldest is with them.

Good things that came of this event.
- I reaffirmed that my girls were trustworthy (even if it was to myself)
- I stuck up for myself and my girls
- Erin didn't drive the car anywhere
- The long loud sound of a horn being pressed, didn't fill the air (along with the laughter of a two year old)
- I did get the paper I was looking for (photo paper)
- She did leave the car and kids alone
- I have not heard from the police yet
- Kids didn't get upset when they asked why the lady was yelling at me
- I kept my kids (though I think the chance of actually having the kids stolen from me is very minimal, less of a chance then me falling pregnant)

I must say, this blogging thing is good therapy, I do feel better for writing it down here and sharing it.

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