Monday, July 12, 2004



Poor little Merc, she is unwell at the moment. She has the same virus/cold that Erin does. It starts with a terrible sounding chesty cough, followed by an short raise in temperature and congestion.
Last night Merc had the temperature rise and she was warm enough that I gave her paracetamol. She settled down for a few hours after that.
She is a lot better today but the congestion and cough still stick.
I watch Erin to see how long this will last and I can see that she is getting better.
Erin is full of mishaps lately, but I think that is because of her age and trying to keep up with her sisters.
Somehow she caught her finger under the door. It is not broken but a little bruised and swollen. A bowl of cold water, some jelly beans and jelly and she is now fine and laughing.


On a side note
Miranda started back at school today, term 3 of the school year.
She also helped me in the kitchen in the preparation for the chicken thai type curry I plan on making. I am hoping to make a curry paste first.
If I get time I will try to make a few dress up clothes for the girls from the material scraps we have or have gotten from my mum's shop.

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