Saturday, July 10, 2004



What a surprise party we had for my mum tonight.
She was really surprised.
Hubby, myself and the kiddlets arrived early to make sure everything was ready. It was all set and raring to go, so when people started to arrive, at 5pm, the party began.
In total, including my lot, there were 30 people who turned up.
My kids were excited, overtired and excited.
Erin was her normal self (in the overtired mode) and upended, by accident, a couple of drinks, got pepper in her eyes, found a chocolate game (she won 3 chocs from it), added salt to her chocolate mud cake and various other things. Jade and Miranda had a ball playing with my cousins while Mercedes was passed from person to person and when she had enough she started screaming for mummy.
Mum was so excited and surprised to find out what we had done for her, including the website my hubby has built for her. She loved the unicorn Jadeen worked for to earn money so she could buy it. She loved the letter/picture Miranda drew for her and the carnations she got from both Miranda and Erin.
I did up a photo album which contained old but good memories and pictures from around the yard, and everyone signed it also.
It was a blast!

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