Tuesday, July 27, 2004



Erin is a sweet, friendly, cuddly, boisterous and happy child, but then she can also be one of those terrible two tantrumous toddlers also.
Tonight, at the petrol station, Erin declared she needed to go to the toilet and who am I to deny her that privledge. So in we go, the three youngest in tow (Miranda was at girls brigade). I am prepared for the "I wants" so when Erin asks for a chocolate, I say no, but after about 4 times of saying no and making her put it back, she starts to 'cry' really loudly. We struggle our way back to the counter, retrieve the toilet key and restart the struggles. Usually she is pretty good so I am putting tonight down to her having a cold. (She was excellent later on when we went to buy some craft stuff)
While I am getting the key, I am also holding the baby and trying to keep Erin from running back to the chocolates. I tried to get her to walk beside me but in the end I just grabbed her and somehow managed to carry her outside, all the time to an amused petrol station attendant.
This doesn't finish yet.
We get to the toilets and she is trying to get back to the shop, but fortunately the lock was too high so she couldn't escape. All the time she is doing this scream/cry that sounds like I am mistreating her. Back in the shop she keeps asking for lollypops so I keep putting them back.
Now it is time to get back into the car and she starts back up again.
Of all the things she could grab, she grabbed the petrol pump and I could not prize her off of it until I had put Mercedes back in her seat. I did eventually uncurled her fingers without the petrol pump nozzle being taken off it's resting spot. It was then into the car for a game of catch.
I did keep cool throughout this whole adventure and not yell once.
Once in her seat and back on the road we had a little talk and after that they were fine.
Jade was good the whole time and when I said no to buying her something she didn't ask again.
I am putting this down to being overtired and sick.
Apart from this I had a good night, bought some more craft stuff and managed to get some me time while waiting for Miranda to finish.

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