Saturday, July 03, 2004


You Say, She Says

Jadeen : Come on guys, let's go on the patio.
Miranda : I am not a guy, I am a girl.

The girls have been reasonably well behaved today. They even helped me with housework, willingly. Of course the chores they did do involved cleaning the walls which led to the doors, windows or anything they could get their damp cloths onto.
This morning they even tidied up the TV room so we could go for a walk to see the horses.
Just down the road, about 200 meters away, was a big northern suburbs training weekend for various pony clubs in this area. So, after chores were done, we headed down for a look see.
One day Miranda will be there, if we get a pony/horse. To be honest, it wasn't very exciting as they all just seemed to be riding around in circles with people yelling at them. Currently Miranda goes to private lessons where she gets one on one tuition to better her basic skills, before they will allow her into group lessons.
The school has also just announced that you can hire horses to practice on or get ready for your own. I like the idea of hiring a horse and may do it when I have saved up some money.
Enough rambling, time to get to work.

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