Saturday, August 07, 2004


Character Introduction

Name : Amber OakShadow
Race : Elven
Sub-Race : Wood Elven
Description : Amber is a relatively young elf but her young age does not portray inexperience. With sunflecked brown hair, sea green eyes and her tanned skin crossed with tattooists ink, she hides easily among the trees in which she dwells. Her home is often found up high within the tree tops, though not the conventional 4 walls and roof, but that of a nest with which she shares with an eagle. The eagle is her companion, and quite often her eyes when she is high within the sky. She wears little so as not to hinder her movement between the trees. Quite often you would think of Tarzan and Jane should you look upon her, swinging and jumping between the branches. She is lithe, as a wood elf should be, and her knowledge of the land within which she lives is great. Put her in a city and she is like a caged animal, out of place, scared and unpredictable.

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