Wednesday, August 04, 2004



Poor hubby. He had a right to be scared to go to the dentist. He had 2 fillings done today and must go in for a further 3 fillings yet. The kids teeth were good, my teeth were good, despite having to go through 2 pregnancies since my last appointment. I do, however, need to get my two top wisdom teeth pulled, when Mercedes is a little older. We all got little gifts from the dentist (toothbrush and toothpaste) and didn't pay a cent. I am glad about this as the total bill was over $700. Yay for private insurance. The kids were wonderfully behaved and we complimented them on this at lunch. Jadeen wanted to be like the dentist, Dr Myra, and was busy checking us out in the waiting room as we waited for daddy.
Oh another fact, my sister is the dentist's assistant and she is wonderful with the girls, they adore her so much.

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