Friday, August 20, 2004


First 2004 Olympics - Miller Style

Today was a grand day, full of cheers and laughter.

Today was the day of the Miller Family Olympics. A day inspired by that thing going on over in Athens, Greece.

The first event of the day was the 'Jump'. Each contestant was made to start at the pink line and then had to jump as far as they could. A mighty jump was performed by Erin and she happily took out 3rd place. 2nd place was stolen by Jadeen in a jump that almost doubled Erin's attempts. 1st place was claimed, but only just, by Miranda.

What a competition, the crowd was excited (and stinky).

Our second event for the day was 'Kick Ball'. Each contestant had to kick the ball from the centre ring and out through the goal. If the ball missed the goal or ran over the goal posts then it was considered out. Taking out 3rd place was Miranda, but in the spirit of the game she had a ball regardless. 2nd place was stolen, just, by Erin, and 1st place was easily captured by the stunning footwork of Jadeen. That girl has some amazing footwork.

The crowd was stunned into silence (and it was feed time)

For the final event of the day, it was the bike time trials. The competitors had to do circuits which were tailored to their experience levels. This was the most exciting event and we even had a grey fuzzy streaker at one stage (dog). In 3rd place, and only one lap, was Erin with a time of 35.46 seconds. 2nd place was grasped by a corner cutting Jadeen with a time of 31.59 seconds. 1st was again grasped by Miranda in a smashing time of 28.96 seconds.

What a day, what a day. One that shall be remembered, for at least a few days.

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