Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Headless Chook

Tonight, after dropping hubby at the airport, the kids and I had a toilet/play stop at a highway service centre. My kids were in playing, and then another lady brought her kids into play. Kids were all playing happily for a few minutes, then her daughter hurt herself, on her nose. There was no blood, just a few tears shed.
During the tear shedding, the mother was running up and down the stairs of the playground equipment trying to get her daughter to come down. Either Jade or Erin tried to help the hurt toddler down but the mother started yelling at them not to push her and get away from her. The mother wasn't getting anywhere with her daughter (who happened to be in the highest part of the equipment) so I sent in Miranda to help her out. Again the mother yelled at Miranda to not push her and get away from her. All this time she was running up and down the steps into the equipment, trying to coax her toddler daughter down.
Miranda was a little upset by the mothers attitude to her, especially when the mother mentioned that there were bad children in there trying to push her kids. I do not think the mother realized they were mine that were in there, who were only trying to help. At the first mention of bad children, my hackles rose and I was prepared to defend myself should she say anything more. Fortunately she didn't and I was able to calmly explain to Miranda that the mother was only anxious over her daughter and she didn't understand we were only trying to help.
The father though, was relaxed and never said a word and even left the kids to play by themselves for a few minutes.
Once we left, things resumed to normal within our car and we headed off home and the girls were rewarded for playing nicely also.

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