Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Home Time & Hospitals

Today went well.
I was in at 7.30am, registering my inpatient status then it was up to perioperative to wait for 5 minutes before they called my name. I had brought a book with me to read as I was expecting to have a longer wait and didn't know the side effects of a general anasethic.
I got in trouble for having a couple of mouthfuls of water in the shower that morning but that didn't stop things from happening.
After a quick game of answer 10 questions, it was time to dress in the lovely, highly fashionable, hospital attire. I had a purple gown and these 'big' green, kinda like baby pilcher, paper material pants to wear. I thought they were hilarious. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all in the clothes they gave me to wear as the nurses, doctors and anethitists were all friendly. I have never had a bad experience at this hospital.
We played the question game again when I was on the waiting bed. Then it was off to the prep room to have a drip inserted, wait for 10 mins with nothing much to stare at, then get the general shot into the drip. I remember going from the prep room and being moved to the operating table. After that, it was the land of nod (which I am starting to do now also).
woke up about an hour later, vitals checked, given lunch (t'was yummy) then I took a teeth chattering dizzy walk to get dressed.
I tried to stay awake but I couldn't read more then 2 lines before nodding off so I decided to sleep while I waited. Once I was up again it was to the comfy lazy boys and some more shut eye.
If that made sense, then.....waahoo...if it didn't, then *shrugs*
time to snoze while kids watch rugrats.
ni ni

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