Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Incoherent Ramblings Take 2

Ok, I wrote this up before but for some reason, blogger just wouldn't post it.
My day started early, 6am infact. Though, from about 3am I wasn't able to sleep that well either. Up at 6am, I had to get ready for the day, showering etc. The at 7am it was off to the hospital, after a quick stop at McD's for the kids breakfast.
Admission wasn't too bad, they asked questions, took details and did the normal stuff they are supposed to do (I think, but then I have never gone into hospital this way before) After admissions, it was upstairs to perioperative unit to wait a short 5 minutes until called. I was first on their books for the day, and for this I am thankful. I had taken along a book to read but that was almost a waste of time in itself. Perhaps I will read it tomorrow since it is my semi-holiday.
The nurse, as did other staff throughout the experience, played a game called 10 questions.
My nervousness quickly dissipated due to the friendly disposition of all the staff (despite them telling me off for drinking some water that morning)
I never knew how fashionable (not) the gowns were that they used for patients there, the pilcher type paper material pants even more humorous. Once dressed I was shown to a bed, then wheeled off for the anthetist to insert a drip into my hand and wait for the theatre to be prepped. The room was not the most exciting and that is where I spent about 10 minutes wishing I had my book to read.
Time was up and I was given the general anthestic, started feeling drowsy and lightheaded as they then moved me to the table.
Right now I wish I was in bed asleep, but as all mother know, that is impossible when baby's are awake.
Anyhow, I woke up an hour later, dizzy, shaking, tired beyond belief. Eventually I woke up enough to eat the food they provided, find out they took off the paper undies they made me wear anyhow and go back to sleep.
A short while later I was allowed to get dressed and shown to the most comfy lazy boy I have ever known. Again I was unable to read my book as I was falling asleep every second line. Time came, hubby picked me up and we did what he said in his blog.
Tomorrow I hope to be more coherent.
ni ni for now!

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