Sunday, August 22, 2004


Mumble Jumble

I should blog but I don't really feel like it. Lots has happened but I am not sure what to write. I will write a few things in no particular order.
  • My nights have been late and my mornings too early, and bubs has been waking for multiple feeds (I think she is going through a growth spurt)
  • Bubs has burst/grown out of her jumpsuits and is starting to get holes in the toes of her jumpsuits. Time to drag out the boxes of old clothes that I managed to keep
  • Merc (bubs) still isn't too fussed on rolling over but when on her stomach she will turn slow circles to get to her toys.
  • I decided to go to the women's conference
  • Thursday night we went out for dinner at 'Lone Star' and we had 2 spilt drink and 1 spilt bucket of peanut shells by Erin, 1 spilt bucket of peanut shells by hubby, chips and a slice of meat thrown to the floor by Merc. That night I was glad we ate out because it meant I did not have to clean up the mess. I was really glad about that
  • Yesterday, while hubby played soccer, I took 7 kids to the park and came back with 11 kids and 2 adults..
  • Merc got hit in the head with a football but it was only a soft hit and all she got was a fright.
  • Miranda came home with a friend from Sunday School.
  • Jadeen went over to a friends house after Sunday School.
  • I miss my Ja-da
  • I have too much F&V, so much so that I should either give it away or turn it into something which can be frozen and used at a later date
  • Last night I tried a recipe a friend gave me. Will fill in on that later
  • Erin is getting better at using the toilet
  • I finally gave in and bought some pull ups because I was sick of wet beds
  • I have a rental inspection in 2 weeks time, and I am not ready for it, but we will be ready on time
  • I have found the perfect present for Erin's 3rd birthday. It is a road map mat. She will be able to drive cars around on it and it will protect the carpet in her room.
  • I would like to do art classes and hubby says I should go and do them but I can't see the purpose of spending the money on that when it is needed elsewhere. I will just use my email art technique subscription for the moment. Plus I can't justify spending $15 a class, then $30 on babysitting and then having to juggle it around our already full schedule.
  • I have set myself a project of doing 24 drawings. At first I thought of setting it as 24 pics in 24 hrs but then I knew I could not do that so I set it to 24 pics in 24 days, now it is 24 pics in 24 weeks. I have done one pic so far. I just haven't had enough time to sit and draw
  • Why am I sitting here? I am not sure but I need to get off now and do the laundry, tidy up after lunch, chuck some capsicums and garlic in the oven, change buba, put buba to sleep, organize picking up of Ja-da, tidy up and then pick up Ja-da and finally organize dinner and hope that buba will sleep before midnight. Along with this the kids will need their hair washed, stories read and tucked into bed.
  • I also forgot that I will need to take out the capsicum and garlic so I can turn it into a capsicum garlic soup.

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