Tuesday, August 24, 2004


The Old & The New

Today was a day for the old and the new.
The old being a horse at the livestock pound, either awaiting an owner to pick it up, sale of to be sold for dog meat. He was a lovely old horse and at first was quiet and didn't even do too much. After a little petting and orange feeding he became more alert and wanting more attention. The horse also looked like it had lost a bit of weight as the skin was a little loose in parts but it was definitely not underweight. He was also an old horse, his muzzle and head were starting to grey as well as flecks of grey climbing across his neck, past the matted mane. The girls had a blast at being able to interact with him and feed him the orange (well watch me feed him the orange).
The new was
  • watching Mercedes properly roll from her back to her tummy and keep going
  • buying the girls some pretty underwear (they all had to put it on straight away and Erin looks so cute in her mini bra)
  • buying Miranda a new shirt and bike pants for Girl's Brigade
  • The pies we are having for dinner
  • The strawberries I bought today
  • The fact that Erin went to childcare perfectly with no complaints
  • The ceramic pieces the kids brought home from childcare
  • The huge power bill we got in the mail (not using the heater anymore)
That about sums it up.
Now all I want to do is win the lotto (gotta start playing it first), buy our dream house and all that other stuff I would like to be doing.

How was your day?
What did you get up to?

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