Friday, August 13, 2004


A Slight Deviation

I had a slight deviation from my original baking plans today.
I had planned on the tiramisu, but could not find mascarpone cheese, and didn't want to put alcohol in it.
The plain cheesecake changed also.
The banana cake will have to wait till tomorrow.
The tiramisu is now a baked coffee cheesecake with a layer of sponge finger biscuits, soaked in coffee, through the middle. It is a coffee lovers delight, but I plan on dusting the top with cocoa/hot choc mix when it is done.
The strawberry cheesecake has a layer of cooked strawberries (cooked in sugar, water with a dash of cream sherry) on the biscuit base. Then there is plain cheesecake mix, followed by sponge finger biscuits soaked in strawberry syrup and finally topped with a strawberry cheesecake mix. Sound good? It looks good.
Look out for the recipes,, they will be my next post.

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