Wednesday, August 25, 2004



Last night while out shopping, we (Jade, Erin, Merc and I) wandered through the music section. We passed the cassette tapes and Jade stopped, picking up one to look at it. She asked "What's this?" She has never known a world with cassettes, records or no computers. I feel old now! LOL!

This morning Jade took out the recycling rubbish and when she came in she was carrying the empty bin on her head. It was steadied with her hands of course.

My mum's health isn't too good. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and overweight but not obese. My grandfather (her dad) also has had a couple of minor heart attacks.
My health is good at the moment, though I do have a cough due to breathing in fish pond water while trying to syphon it this afternoon. I can still taste the sand/dirt.

Tribute to Hubby
Thanks to my main man who quite often comes to the rescue when dinner flops or I am too tired to make it. Tonight it was the meat that didn't smell quite right so i fed that to the dog and we had chicken instead.
Thanks hubby.

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