Saturday, August 07, 2004


Where Does The Time Go?

Tonight, I was thinking. In the shower, which is a good place to think because you are usually alone with nil distractions (apart from the showering process).
I was thinking about how fast time goes now that I am an adult. I am still getting used to being referred to in this term even though I am 28 with 4 kids.
When I was a kid, I did so much in a day, I was up early, doing chores, getting ready for school. When it was time I would dash off to the bus stop, which happened to be just on the corner of my street (about 1 house block away), and would play around with friends while waiting for the bus. At school, we seemed to do heaps and the days were long enough to do all we needed and wanted to do things in. Come the afternoon and we would arrive home, rush our homework and disappear off with friends until it was chore time or dinner time. After dinner we had time for play, TV or more homework (the more homework being when I was in highschool). The weekends were always full of yabby catching, playing in the open stormwater drains, chasing chickens, consuming passionfruit straight from the vine without even a knife or spoon (we bit them to open them and I do that for Erin now and she thinks it is funny), playing in the cubby house, making pretend forts in the vacant block, and occasionally making the mile trip and crossing a busy road, to the shop to buy lollies.
How did I ever fit in so much? I never stayed up late, but did start the day a little earlier then I do now.
Today I only got a little tidying up done, cut out 2 small paper unicorns, did one load of washing (which didn't even make it from the washing machine), read a few blogs, made even fewer comments, posted a few blogs myself while I fed the baby, fed the baby some more, and some more, made lunch for 5 kids (4 if you don't count the baby and count the next door neighbour), fixed a few scrapes and bumps from overactive play. Anything else I did is lost in the mist of tiredness so I think I will join the bed in a few and watch the silly (but who needs serious) movie 'A Very Brady Sequel',
I wish I was a kid again, I would have so much more free time to do all the fun stuff and chores would only take half the morning to complete.
I think on this, look at my kids and know I wouldn't swap it for the world but try to fit in a little more 'me' time so I can do things like read a book, draw a picture, watch a movie, shower alone, and just relax, unwind and de-stress.

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