Saturday, August 14, 2004



Guess what we just had at our front door?!
We just had a wild koala there.
There is a glass section next to the front door and I could hear scratching. I was wondering what it was so I turned on the light to see what it might be.
At first I thought it was a cat, sitting with it's back to me, then it turned around and it was the unmistakable face of a koala.
I would say it was young and looking for a new habitat to live in as it wasn't as large as an adult but wasn't small enough to be still with it's mother.
How do I know this?
I used to work with koalas (only a short time, but it was still working with them)
After I called for the family, it bolted and was no where to be seen when they turned up.
A pity, as I would have liked the girls to have seen it.
That was my piece of excitement for the night.
I just hope it doesn't get into any neighbours yard which have dogs.
I do not think our dog would hurt it, she would probably bark at it and run away.

Jade just came up and told me - She has a koala scratching at her window, a purple one!

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