Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Chip Sandwiches


Freshly cooked hot chips
White bread

  1. Make a sandwich using all of the ingredients.
  2. Eat and enjoy


Beach Babe!

Mercedes is really turning into the beach babe.
We went to the beach again today (yes it really is warm enough to go swimming already) and this time we remembered to bring Mercedes' togs. Hubby had to stay home as he had work to finish up and we had chores to do while out.
Upon arrival at the 'beach' (actually a man made lagoon/HUGE pool next to the beach) I got the kids suited up and we headed to the water side, Miranda on the boogie board and swimming across to the other side to meat up with us. Erin splashed around in the shallows, Jade alternated between us and a friend she had made and Miranda totally ignored us, choosing to play with some friends she made.
Mercedes first quenched her first with an eye catching (yes there were a few lookers) drink before paddling her feet in the cool water. When she started reaching for the sand I decided it was time to move further along the pool until we came to a sandier spot which she could sit in and play. Her playing with the sand and water turned to trying to eat the sand. She must have liked it as she kept going back for more and never made a face, that I saw. Eventually I laid her down on her tummy and let her splash and laugh and have fun in the very shallow, sandy water.
People would laugh and point out the baby splashing in the water and one toddler even tried to copy her.
When I had enough of her playing (and thought she was getting to cold) I dragged her out, scouted around for the girls and tried to round them up. Bubs in the pram, freshly nappied and wrapped in a big fluffy towel I managed to capture two of the three still in the water. Jade was proving to be elusive. So as not to seem like the big bad parent, I turned it into a game and went into the water after her. I only got up to midthigh in depth and then she decided to swim to me if I got out of the water.
All kids gathered, we headed off home for a simple dinner of chips and fish bites.
Chip sandwiches..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!



This morning we had pancakes with strawberries. It was yum!

To make the strawberries you will need
1 punnet of hulled and washed strawberries, halved
4 tablespoons of icing sugar

Place strawberries into a small saucepan and heat gently.
Heat until strawberries are starting to soften and adequate juices have formed in the pan.
Serve over hot pancakes and enjoy.



Hubby came home and surprised me with these yesterday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


In Other News.....

Today I have been pain free, well mostly. I have only taken 2 doses of paracetamol to control a tiny amount of pain. I could have lived without it but I had to do things like eat and talk to kids.
This week has been a great week, I have enjoyed it and even the pain I have experienced didn't dampen it. I think the fact that the end of it was in site, that I was able enjoy things.
Chewing feels a little akward, as if I had been chewing a hard toffee for hours on end but I know that will pass. I thought getting wisdom teeth out was bad? Yay am happy, and still sleep deprived.

Merc has gone up another level in development, I think. She still rolls around the floor and gets to where she wants most of the time. Occassionally she does get stuck but she is getting the turning on her belly thing going. She loves noisy toys over soft ones. She doesn't put nearly as many things in her mouth as she used to. She is more interested in seeing what they will do and if they make a noise when shaken that is a big plus. She is currently playing with the backpack we use for walks.
She has also started enjoying water play a lot more. The beach and the pool were just an introduction and seeing how fun it can be. This afternoon (well lunch time) when she was in the bath with her sisters, she was having a ball kicking and splashing and laughing. This summer shall be a fun one as she will be able to participate in going to the pool/beach/lagoon.

Erin has had a good week also. She has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks. She hardly has any accidents anymore, doesn't act quite the baby anymore and her speech is coming along nicely. She is becoming more and more audible. We made bookmarks today and she quite happily cut the paper up (I did end up having to cut it out for her though) and her colouring was very neat and in the lines. Her stickers were placed very carefully on the bookmark also. She is proud of what she created.

Jadeen, almost 6. Wow, time has sure flown by. Her adult teeth are slowly coming in and she still has that gappy smile which is hilarious to look at. She is full of beans and a very sensative girl. She did excellent colour work on her bookmark also. She never went out of the lines and was very particular about how she did it and what colours she used. This is her last year in pre-school then next year it will be homeschooling for her. I hope she has the attention span for it. I have started her on a few things, just to try to get her into the routine of doing work, as well as getting miranda into the routine of working on her own. Next year, I think Jade and I might take belly dancing up.

Miranda is unwell today. I think she has a virus going around and has slept most of the day. She has agreed to have a drink if she gets up and moves around. Also, her temperature isn't that high so I think she will be fine in a day or two. At least it was over her school holidays and not during actual school. She still does her horse riding and we have just changed her classes to a slightly later one (yay, no more early mornings) where she can interact with others in a group lesson. Her school work is going well but she tends to rush and not read the question properly. From what I have read elsewhere, this is a common thing for 8 years +.

Me? Well, I have had pain, happiness, money to spend and all the other stuff you have read about.

Hubby has been busy, but this time it has been at home. This has helped so much when I wasn't feeling up to doing much. He would put the kids to bed for me and even cleaned up after dinner a few times. Thanks honey!
His indoor soccer team has been doing pretty well despite the harder competition that they have been up against. They will probably make it into the semi-finals again at the end of season. I am not sure what else to say about him but go over and check out his site that will fill you in on his not so secret life.



Hubby suggested I post this. My SIL has done a 'Preparation for Parenting' course and it was bugging me. I finally decided to write this email after hubby's phonecall to MIL. I just hope they heed the suggestions I give them and if they follow what they have been taught then they do it cautiously. Their baby is due in 3 weeks.

Hi S & P

I hope you are doing well and are ready for the up coming birth of your baby.

Baby's are precious things that require lots of love and enjoyment.

I don't know if you are willing to receive any advice in the upraising of your new little one but I felt I should offer you some. Whether you listen to me or not is up to you.
I have been a little concerned since I heard you were doing a 'Preparation For Parenting' course. If I have heard right, then this is based on the literature written by Gary Ezzo. I have looked and researched in various places the ezzo material, and even have read some of the 'Baby Wise' book. The feeling I got when I read the book was a definite 'this is wrong' type of feeling. I have also seen too much evidence to suggest that this way of raising your kids is just not right.

Baby's cry as it is their only way of communication and as you become more accustomed to your new one you will eventually (took me a while) know how to read them. I, personally, can not stand allowing a baby to cry itself to sleep. I have fed all of my girls to sleep and it took less time, and was more relaxing, then letting them cry to sleep. I have tried to let them cry to sleep but I quickly dismissed that idea as they would sometimes get sick, be even more upset and find it harder to actually get to sleep. Plus I always enjoy the cuddles I have with them as the baby stage only lasts for a short time.

When my babies have had a hard time getting to sleep and feeding just wouldn't settle them I would try a warm bath (with me in the tub or them by themselves). If I didn't feel they were well enough or responding to what I was trying to do then I would walk them or take them for a car drive. If a baby won't stop crying then it is possible to hand it over to someone else, make sure they have less stimuli or take them to a doctor or ring a midwife. You are so lucky to have your parents just up the road, and I am sure they will gladly help you when you need it. Never be afraid to ask for help.

I know, personally, a couple who used the crying method to get their kids to sleep through early on and those kids are happy but they don't want cuddles and they aren't very attached. Tim has noted that their youngest gives him a funny feeling because of the way he acts and isn't very cuddly (as a 1 year old should be). I would hate to see your future relationship with your new baby ruined because it missed out on the extra loving cuddles it gets in the early days.
If your baby cries if it is put down then invest in a sling. Erin was a high touch type of baby (which I have worked out is her love language) so I would carry her around often in a sling. I can see the difference on days when she doesn't get enough cuddles or mummy/daddy time and she is more unruly then if she does.

I have one more point to make and then I shall let you digest what I have written.

My next point is feeding. If you are breastfeeding then you will need to demand feed and not schedule/routine feed. The reason I say this (and they endorse it in the hospitals here) is because your milk supply is purely a demand and supply. As your baby grows it will go through growth spurts and during those times it will need to feed more often so it can build up your supply. If you feed it on a schedule/routine then there isn't any allowances for milk increase and you could starve your child.
These growth spurts may, and most likely will, interrupt the sleeping pattern so that the baby doesn't sleep through the night, but when there is only one child it is easier to catch up on rest during the day then if you have more children. If you try to keep the night and day feeds different (nights - dim lights, quiet time, days -lighter and background noise - but is up to you how you do that) then you will find it easier to settle the baby during the nights. This was the only thing I did the same with each child.

If you do not want to breastfeed, do not be afraid to go to bottle feeding. Ask for help if you need it (we are always willing to help you regardless of the time of day or night) and relax, enjoy motherhood and cuddle the most marvellous of God's creations.

love from,

Monday, September 27, 2004


Ya Know Something?

Getting out my top two wisdom teeth was not as bad as I thought it would be.
My sis was the dental assistant and she did a wonderful job.
I went in and we decided to do one first, see how I went then consider the second.
They put some gel on my gum to numb it before the needle went in. This worked wonders and I didn't feel the needle except for one spot on my right gum (2nd tooth that was being pulled) This gel works so well that half of my tongue was numb for a few hours afterwards. It still tingles a little bit.
I expected pain, I expected for tugging, I expected more pressure. It was simple and both teeth were out in 25 minutes. I didn't even feel it come out but I did have the urge to dribble everywhere.
My gums feel weird because the two teeth are gone. I have experienced very little pain so far, but that could be due to the pain meds I am taking.
If my bottom teeth ever come through then I won't be so scared about getting them out.

Note: My sis and her friend (the dentist) did a wonderful job and they were great to be around, they made me feel comfortable.

Thanks Jo!


At The Beach!

Well, we were in a man-made lagoon which is free to the public but it is on the beach front. If the kids are wanting to go to the pool this summer, I think we shall head down there. It is saltwater, free, huge and is suitable for all ages.

Hubby with Erin on his back, and Miranda on the boogie board.

Jadeen the water rat. She has never had a swimming lesson in her life but has managed to pick it up from watching her sister when she was watching lessons. She can swim as good as Miranda.

Mercedes and Erin, enjoying the water together. Mercedes got so excited yesterday that even her toes were wiggling and she missed a feed.

I didn't go in the water because I felt ick. I did do the photo work though and still enjoyed myself.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Medical Odyssey

I have managed, single earedly, to confuse the doctor I saw today.
Not only does Phillip have aliens eating away inside of him, I do to it seems, except mine are on surfboards and riding the waves for as long as they can.
For quite a while now I have had mild ear pain, on and off. I had this before, on my right side, so I wasn't too concerned. (That time it was cleared up with a simple flushing of warm water)
Last night the pain was so bad that I had to catch z's (they were running away from me) sitting up on the couch while alternating between the ice pack and pillow. I did, however, manage to get 2 hours straight sleep at one stage and I am surely feeling that sleep deprivation today.
When I finally decided sleeping was not meant to be, I rang my mum and sis to cancel our lingerie shopping trip. I then headed off to the after hours surgery for a 1.5 hour wait, have my ear flushed, be given ear drops and some codeine for the pain.
The pain did lessen for a while, but after the shopping trip (it still went ahead afterall), a trip to the beach, the wave rode high, high enough to bring tears to my eyes. If you ask anyone who knows me really well they will tell you that I have a high pain threshold. This was bad so I hightailed it back to the docs for a 2.5 hour wait to only find out that I still baffle him.
He gave me some scripts, blood test request, and x-ray request. There is no inflammation, my salivary glands are clear of stones and my gums are not swollen. The pain I feel is inside my ear, around my ear, across my cheekbone and on my left side of my forehead. I am also getting pains in my teeth now but when they are tapped they do not even hurt.
I am going to get my top two wisdom teeth out either on Monday or Tuesday. It all depends on when I can get them looked after at childcare.
Now it is time for me to go, get some rest and hopefully sleep. My eyes are closing, I feel light headed and bubs is asleep, hopefully for a long time.
ni ni

Friday, September 24, 2004


Just Keep Walking!

This arvo (afternoon) we went for a long walk, well, it was long for the kids. I started out with Merc on my back and Erin on hubby's shoulders. Jade was riding her bike and Miranda was walking. I thought it was a nice walk and we got to take some nice pics along the way.
In the first 100 meters or so from our house, we found a mulberry tree. It was loaded with ripe and soon to be ripe fruit, so we introduced the kids to the staining delicacies of black mulberries.

We then went off the concrete path and headed bush. Well, it was a dirt track with bush on one side and a railway fence on the other side. The kids all enjoyed themselves and Merc kept on making funny sounds which reminded me of a vampire coming to suck my blood!

On the return trip (after we passed the halfway point) we were greeted by an awesome sunset through the heavy grey clouds.

It was good fun, the kids all enjoyed themselves despite being tired and I hope we get around to doing it again soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Born Out Of Fire

The sun beat down across the dry land, parched from the drought. It's menacing glare forcing wildlife to seek shelter beneath the trees, bushes and decomposing logs.
One piece of misplaced glass caught the sun's glare, glinting in the midst of it's dead companions. The grass, brown from dehydration, caught this glint within it's dry hands. At first what was about to happen was unclear but soon it was obvious. The flames tickled at first, threatening to die down, but soon it was uncontrollable, wreaking havoc.
The smoke darkened the sky, making the way ahead confusing and difficult.

Rains come, and sprinkle the hot ashes with it's cool caress. Soon all that is left is blackness, sprinkled with death. The trunks of trees are bare, charred and hurt, some irreparable.

As more rains fall, the cindered ground is penetrated by a green spike. New grasses from fallen and burnt seeds are climbing up through the nutrient rich ashes, making their way to renewed life, born from the fire. Trees burst forth with new life, those that were thought dead are shown to be alive.

The fire cleaned out the old, stripped away the impurities and brought forth new life.


This is Australia, and we have just started our fire season.
As houses invade our native bush these fires become more and more threatening to people and have to be controlled by man made methods of back burning.
We have seen a lot of back burning near our place, so as to control the onset of bush fires due to the drought we have just experienced.
4 years ago we left Australia to visit New Zealand for a weekend. We left it enveloped in smoke, arriving back to find it still enveloped in smoke (our house that is). At one stage we were wondering if would be evacuated because the smoke was so thick that you couldn't see across the street. The fire which caused this was believed to be deliberately lit as some developers were clearing land for acreage properties.
In Australia, a lot of the native plants are born again in fire, their seeds needing the intense and sudden heat to germinate and then the ashes to nourish. From these seeds spring forth wonderful green growth and beautiful flowers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Swim Little Fish, Swim!

We went to the local pool yesterday and bubs and I sat on the edge. Merc had a ball sitting there and splashing in the water with both her hands and feet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Baby Cuddles

This is one of those things that I love.
When I get up in the morning, go over to the gurgling baby in her cot and pick her up.
The first thing she does is grab me in a cuddle type embrace and nuzzle her head into my shoulder.
She does that every time, without fail.
It makes getting up to her a pleasure.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Jaffa The Giraffe

I had already done the traditional birth story write up on my young child's birthday but then firefox crashed and I lost it before I had a chance to save it. So, to spare you the gruesome details, I will outline it in brief.
3 years ago today, my little Erin was born. She weighed in at 7lb and was 2 weeks early.
She was born by cesarean after 5 hours of no labor (after the waters broke) and it was discovered she was breech. She was my biggest baby and it was difficult for her sisters to come to see us in the hospital as they had the chicken pox.
Zipping back to today, 3 years past that time, we celebrated her birthday with family at a local Macca's. There was presents to be had and cake to be eaten. She had the best day and tried her best to act like a 'big' girl.
One of her favourite presents was 'Jaffa the Giraffe'. He was a present from Grandma and has hardly left her side all day. We are hoping this toy will help her to grow up a little from wanting to be the baby.
My sister's partner turned up also today, which was a surprise as he is not very much a family person. It was great to see him there and my sister and him looked happy together, relaxed.
The special day continued, after we left Macca's, with a short trip to Grandma's shop, then to the video store and home for popcorn and a DVD. The kids then spent an hour in the bath just splashing and playing around with the new toys Erin received.
It was a fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Note: I think Miranda talked more today then I have heard from her in quite a while. I think the video we took this morning had a lot of us telling her to be quiet and let Erin talk and unwrap the presents.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Lost & Found

You know the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your lost child doesn't answer your calls, answer the calls over the shop's loud speaker and no one has seen them?
Well, Tim and I had that feeling today.
We were shopping (he was shopping while I was dealing with kids and browsing) when Jadeen found a friend to play with. The two girls were running around the shop playing chasey when the other girl was called by her grandmother (?) and they had to leave. It was then that we realized Jade was no where to be found. We searched the shop (it was very large with plenty of places to hide), went to neighbouring shops, even the public toilets. She was no where. We spent about 20 minutes searching for her.
I knew she wouldn't go on the road as she knows better then that but the awful thought of 'what if someone took her' slipped through my head a few times. It would have been so easy in that shop, it was large, busy and easy in/out access.
Why weren't we keeping a better eye on her? We thought she was trustworthy as she has always proven so in the past, plus she was playing within sight of us and the occasional crashes of clothes, underwear, etc falling off the racks always told us where the girls were.
She was found, by her big sister Miranda, eventually. She was located sitting under a rack of men's trousers searching for her bracelet, crying.
She is an emotional girl so I think she shall remember this day well.
A few other things that were found today
- shoes for the two older girls
- free beach towels
- clothes for mum
- clothes for dad
- free toys
- vouchers for lunch
- a few other things I can't think of right now

Friday, September 17, 2004



Merc has enjoyed a ice cube (melted of course) of pureed apple.
She enjoyed it immensely and even ate it properly.
We tried some banana and pear baby cereal the other day, mixed with 'milk' but she just would not swallow it and, well, I wouldn't blame her. It looked like grey gloop! It didn't smell too bad but it looked horrible.
I think I shall just try her on home made stuff from now on, it seems to be enjoyed more then the pre-prepared stuff.


Dress Making : Part II

It is finished!
Unfortunately I had to finish it when Erin was awake but that is alright, hubby is putting her to bed now without the pretty dress.
Poor girl is over tired and didn't want to let go of the dress which her sisters had said was for her. Big meanie sisters!
Hopefully when she is asleep I shall knock up the other dress and be able to surprise her with that.
Here she is, posing beautifully for the camera.

And here she is twirling, showing off the circle skirt I made just for this purpose.

Not bad for a dress made out of scraps!



Today, while out shopping, I asked Miranda if she could be quiet for two seconds. She was quiet for literally two seconds.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Dress Making

Today saw the kids heading off to preschool a lot earlier then normal. On Thursdays I usually do not send them till the afternoon when all they get to do is play. Today I needed the free time as I am busy dress making. I am preparing for Erin's 3rd birthday which will be this Sunday. She loves pretending to be a princess so I am making her a couple of dress up dresses.
Why make them? Why not buy them?
Why not?
The material didn't cost me anything and I have only spent $5 on fake pearls, a zip and some cotton. I have a sewing machine and enough knowledge to draft a rough pattern which I hope will work. So far the skirt is looking good and is almost finished. The top will take about half an hour to run up (I am not very fast on the sewing machine) and I should have it all finished before I head out this arvo to pick up the girls after I have gone grocery shopping.
Then, possibly tonight or tomorrow sometime, I shall sew up the other dress (it is a simple slip dress). After these few things are done it will be time to start planning the summer clothes for my girls.

Note : My mum, who is a dressmaker, gave me at least $50 in usable material scraps. It is probably more since they are high quality fabrics which are used in bridal parties' outfits.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Good Buy?

I have a receipt here saying that I bought two audi TT coupe w/ surfboard, for only $8.00
Now that is a good buy, only problem is that they are 5" long and only models of the car.



I just got a surprise.
Erin, being the kind of girl who loves anything outside, came in to show me what she found by sticking it in my face. It was an earthworm. My stomach jumped at the surprise as my brain took it's time to decipher what i saw and to make sure it was indeed just an earthworm.
I can laugh at it now and only hope that it goes back into the ground soon.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Choc Chip Cookies

200 grams choc chips
2 cups Self Raising flour
1/2 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
250 grams softened butter

Pre heat oven to 180c
Beat sugars, vanilla and softened butter together until it forms a creamy mix.
Add eggs one at a time and beat well.
Mix through choc chips.
Mix through flour.
Place teaspoon full of dough onto a greased tray. Repeat until tray is full. (Note : remember to space between each biscuit as they will spread)
Cook in preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.
Store in an air tight container once they are cooled.


Weekend Past

I don't think my life has slowed down any since the rental inspection last week. I still feel overworked and over tired and sometimes like I do not have control of my life.

Saturday I went to the 'Shine' women's conference, It was good though I cannot really remember what the first speaker spoke about and then I still only remember half of what the second speaker and third speaker spoke about. Perhaps I do remember a little more of the third speaker as it was a smaller group (an elective) and she only spoke for half an hour.
I do remember the food though. Morning tea was muffins, fresh fruit, juice, tea or coffee. They had a mini expo of places showcasing their items and offering them for sale.
Lunch was provided in a bag. We had ham and salad roll, little bag of mixed nuts/fruit. crackers and cheese, chocolate bar and bottled water.

I think I would benefit from a food course (maybe art course) more. Also, at the conference, they had paintings which were being auctioned off. I took my time to study the pictures, not so much what was on the canvas but how they were painted on it. There was a really huge canvas (8 joined to make one) that I would have liked to have a closer look at but it was up on stage and I was only ever near the stage when people were around.

Last night, after an afternoon spent at mum's with the kids, hubby showed me some upcoming short courses held near here. I am still deciding whether or not it is a good idea just yet or possibly I should wait till next term (next year). If I wait till next year, Merc will be older and being able to replace milk with solids (and Tim is more likely to be home and not traveling up north).

Ok, that was a little of the subject, so back onto it.

Saturday night I started on Erin's birthday present from me. I am making her 'princess' dresses. I have one cut out so far (the simple one) and am yet to cut out the second. The first is to be a simple slip dress which will have sheer purple band around the waist (or just above it). The dress is a champagne colour.
The second dress will be a deep red colour, a full skirt (good for twirling), with sheer red material over top. It will have a black ribbon which will be able to be tied up at the back. I plan on making it too big for her so that she can wear it longer then 6 mths. I also bought some fake pearls to make accessories with.

Just a question.....

How many people would go lingerie shopping with their mum?

Friday, September 10, 2004




Cooking Tip

A good way to make cookies when the batter is soft enough to spoon on the tray. Grab a spring form tin, line it's base with baking paper and fill (only about a finger width in depth) with cookie batter. Cook for an extra 10-20 minutes at suggested temperature. Once it is out of the oven, and still hot, cut into squares with a large knife.
Do not saw with the knife or you may break up the still soft cookie dough.
Allow a minute or two to cool down then use an egg flip and loosen from the baking paper.

This method worked really well and allowed me to make more cookies then I would have had I used a spoon to drop the dough onto the tray.

Plus then no one notices (quite as much) if you take one or two before they are finished cooling.

Warm choc chip cookies........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Belly Dancing

I used to belly dance, and when I was talking to Angie the other day, I remembered that I had just found some old pics from when I danced in a performance. It was my only performance and I was 5 months pregnant with my second child (about 6 years ago)
The group photo is here.


Are The Banks Sending Us Broke?

I would have to say yes.
After doing the books for place 'A', for the first week of September, I took a closer look. I couldn't believe how much they were charging for their services. In the first week of the month they had charged over $300 AUS. I know they don't do this every day/week of the month but it is way more then they used to, when they had more manual labor and less computerized labor. I know the value of the dollar has changed over the year but I still cannot see the purpose of half of the fees.
Why should they charge $XX for the message department of the reference fee section.
I can see why banks are a little more risk taking in the lending department, despite having the high interest rates that they do.
Maybe I should start a bank, charge 3/4 of their fees and become rich? Do you think they would notice if I borrowed other people's money so I could take a holiday?
Ok I have just lost the point, time to get out of work mode and into teacher mode, mother mode and umm whatever else it is I have to do.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The Tooth : Part II

It was a smooth ride home for the family, J being a little upset at not being able to eat the offered chocolate covered sultanas. At home, the saddened little girl decided not to indulge in her favourite past time of chasing the dog or playing in it's water bucket and just watch a few afternoon cartoons.
Her mother, a little worried, decided to call up the aunt, who is a dental assistant and knows more about teeth then the average jo. A short conversation and the mother made up her mind, calling upon the assistance of her husband, who would arrive home shortly.
Out came the ice cream and cold spaghetti (in separate bowls) and in walked the father. A short conversation was had between the two before he dragged her out from beneath the table for a cuddle. A reassured and slightly happier (but still upset) J allowed herself to be held by her father as her mother gently prodded at the tooth, having it fall easily out into her waiting hand. The tears stopped instantly as the pain disappeared also.
Ice cream was eaten, followed by the spaghetti, and later on, a visit from the tooth fairy.


Sorry about the lack of imagination in this post, I should know better then to try and write while I am tired and the brain function is starting to slow down. I know, just recently that someone had in their post that kids turn your brain to mush, well, deplete your IQ, I think. See it must be true. Enough rambling from me. Go over and check out Phillip's site where it says all this stuff.


Preschoolers Big Day Out

Today, we went to the local preschool day. It was where all the different childcare centres and pre-schools get together and try to steal, umm, try to show off their centres and give activities for the kids to do. I deliberately didn't take the camera as I was fully expecting not to have any time to take any photos. I was so wrong, and I kept wishing I had taken it as there were many perfect moments.
There was the time Erin had a huge grin on her face as she patted the baby goats, chased the piglet around the pen and had her face and hands painted. Jadeen and Miranda both had good moments when I wish I could have taken the camera, such as the horse and carriage ride, the balloon man/jester/funny person, and the various other activities they induldged in.
The kids didn't do half of the activities that were offered but they still had a ball at what they did.
There was even a show with 'Buddy' about the beach. It was especially funny when the teachers from Jade and Erin's childcare got up and danced along with the kids (who were half their height).

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


The Tooth!

The tooth fairy remembered to visit tonight. It would have been noticed if she hadn't.
Here is the story....

Her mother walked into the childcare centre, light in her step, relaxed after her stresses had been diminished. Her green eyes fell upon her 3rd child, who happily greeted her 2 steps into the centre. This tiny girl held up a magnificent masterpiece, a collage made of patty cake papers. A quick cuddle and it was off to pick up her second eldest.
J was sitting on a bench, looking upset while watching what the other children were doing. The children were busy digging the ground. The mother watched a little while longer, trying to assess the situation as her second eldest sat, her hat pulled forward and head drooped. Suddenly, it became clear that she was not sad or upset, but was casting a critical eye across the work of those there. She was instructing them on how to dig and along what lines they must dig, and the children were happily doing it. The mother laughed to herself and then went in to sign her out.
Coming back out, she leaned against the fence and started chatting with the teacher, telling her (the teacher) what she just witnessed. The teacher then told her about 'the tooth'. During the day, J had come to her complaining that her tooth was hurting her and bleeding. This was just after lunch. After a quick rinse out, all seemed well and the day carried on as per normal. Just then, J saw her mother and came running over and upon the request of the teacher, she opened her mouth wide to show 'the tooth' literally hanging by one thread. A gasp passed the lip of her mother as the gears turned as to what should and could happen.

To Be Continued...............



Merc received a new highchair today. There was a sale on and it was half price. I had started looking around for a new highchair previously and the cheapest I had found was $70. This one was only $40. Erin's old highchair I bought for $8 (plus screws $2 = $10) at a garage sale. The one we had for the first two was also second hand. This is our first new highchair. It goes to show you that you do not need to spend lots of money to have kids!
Anyhow, here is Merc enjoying her new highchair.



Today is the day. It has been 3 months since our last rental inspection. I am not sticking around for it though, that job I am leaving to hubby.
I have scrubbed, wiped, vacuumed, moped, sprayed, weeded, hacked, swept, hosed, washed and anything else that needed doing here. Admist all this extra work I had to do my normal work (computer and house), teach school, tend 4 kids and run various other tasks.
Last night I dropped into bed and slept well until Jade came into bed and curled up at my feet, thus reducing the amount of room I had to sleep in.
Today I get to go shopping for a highchair, get the dog's vaccination done, possibly pick up a present for Erin's upcoming birthday, and most of all..........relax! I do, however, want to make name tags for the kids as tomorrow we head to a local pre-school day in a park. I also need to start making princess outfits for Erin for her birthday. I have thought about possibly dressing up her room a little, but I guess that will all depend on the amount of material I have.
Well that is enough morning rant, time to get he day started.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


And It Is Only Midday

I have been only going for 3 hours (maybe less) and I have already done a heap of stuff.
  • raked up the leaves in the back yard
  • made pancakes for breakfast
  • did the dishes (before breakfast)
  • hung out a load of laundry, and brought in 2
  • swept the patio (it is bigger then my mum's house)
  • fed the bubs at least once
  • watered the bird via the hose (I am not going in that cage again)
  • had fathers day present opening a day early
  • trimmed the tree fern
  • mediated disputes
  • sorted out an internet connection problem on a slow laptop
  • thought about food and am now about to go and deal with lunch
We have a rental inspection in 3 days, I have way too much to do to be sitting here writing.
I think we will have lunch then I shall go and spot clean the walls and maybe clean the carpets with some special powder stuff.

Have a great weekend and think of me, here, cleaning house...ugh...no do not think of me, just go and enjoy your weekend.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Before & After

Raz was shaved today.
She went from this.....

To this.....


The Damage

This is what the bird did to me, well, the parts where he drew blood. There is a lot of other scratches but the redness from those had mostly faded by the time the photos were taken.



That sums up how I feel about hubby's bird.
Me, being the kind compassionate person I am decided to feed the seedless bird known as Reginald. What should I be greeted with do you think?
An obviously angry bird, what about I do not know. I do know this though, my hand throbs and bleeds. This 'parrot' jumped my hand and started attacking it as I tried to pour the seed into it's dish. I missed the dish and spilt it all over the ground, it can eat from there now. I shall give it water from outside the cage via the hose.
If the camera had batteries in it and bubs wasn't hungry, I would show you the damage but I think it will have to wait till later. I am just glad that it was my hand and not my face or anywhere else.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Battle Of Wills

Who will win, Miranda or me?
Who do you think won?
Me of course! Who did you expect to win?
We ate our dinner and I set as a rule that we were to have at least one piece of fruit after dinner, though we were not to eat the strawberries or bananas. The bananas are still a little too green as they only arrived today. One of the other rules was that the piece of fruit had to come from the fruit bowls. Yes it is plural, we do go through that much in a week.
With dinner eaten, Jade and Erin raided the bowls. Jade had 2 passionfruit, an apple and a mandarin. Erin had a passionfruit and half of a mandarin. I even had two passionfruit. Miranda wouldn't budge because I said no to carrot sticks, bananas and strawberries.
I sent her to the corner until she was ready to choose a piece of fruit. I set the rules.
- no bananas, strawberries or carrot sticks
- her punishment length is up to her. She has to sit there until she chooses to eat a piece of fruit.
- When she chose a piece of fruit, it had to be consumed neatly. If it was messy then she had to clean it up and head off to the laundry for a little solitary time.
- If she didn't choose a piece of fruit by a certain time, I would
- If she wouldn't eat the fruit then I would feed it to her and she would go to the laundry

You get the general idea.
I ended up calling the end of corner duty and chose her a piece of fruit. A passionfruit!
Apparently it was too gross to hold and tasted gross.
I watched (and counted) as she ate, pretended to gag on it and eventually finished it. It was a 10 second meal which took over half an hour to decide upon and eat.
Guess I get the mean mum of the year award!
Wonder how I will go tomorrow night when we try an apple with threat of not going to the dance competition?


What To Do?

I found myself thinking that this morning as I stood down the far end of the house surveying J&E's room, the TV room and kitchen/dining room. I had these jobs done last night and, remarkably, they were still tidy and clean.
This morning has been good so far and here is why -
  1. All the kids woke up happy
  2. They all ate breakfast neatly (erin included)
  3. the above mentioned rooms were still tidy
  4. At 9am I even considered ducking down to childcare to drop off the girls but decided against it as I didn't want to make the 40min return drive twice
  5. I discovered old baby clothes that Merc will now fit into as she is growing out of the others (alright, I discovered them last night but today I truly sorted through them)
  6. Miranda whizzed through her school work. I think I will have to set some non-curricular work to do today, maybe art & craft, outside.
  7. The sun is shining so I can catch up with laundry
  8. The wind is blowing so this means I can do twice as much
  9. There is a sale going on and I have the chance of getting a highchair at half price. If I do get it, then it will be our first new highchair.
  10. I am actually wondering what I would need a cleaner for today since I have taken care of most things already
  11. I think I will leave her to do the rest while I prune trees....umm that isn't something that has already happened but will happen and is along the lines of my thought processes.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I'm Leaving!

I heard this a few times today.
I really think I need to teach the girls how to deal with their problems instead of running away from them.
First case - Jadeen disappeared out to the backyard with skipping rope in tow. I headed out about 5 minutes later with a basket of laundry to spy her standing on a chair by the fence with the skipping rope tied about her waist and the top of the fence. If she, for some reason, decided to jump off the chair, or fell, then I do not want to image what could happen as I know she wouldn't be able to touch the ground with the length she had left between herself and the top of the fence. I quickly untied her and discovered that she wanted to 'leave'. I know she meant leave as in run away but the other thought crossed my mind for an instant. I did manage to convince her that climbing over the fence with a skipping rope tied around your waist was not a good way to go.
Skipping rope gone and I head over to the laundry, turn around to spy her trying to climb over the fence. The fence is 6' high. I foiled her plans to leave that way and then she ran off to play with her sister.

Second case - Miranda wanted to watch a certain show on TV, which her sisters did not. They were watching TV first and usually do not get a say in what they watch on TV (they haven't worked out the TV remote yet). I told Miranda to leave them to watch what they want and if she didn't want to watch it then to do something else.
Well, there was a door slammed and when I went to try to work out her/the problem she informed me she was leaving. She had her little knitted blanket with her soft toy unicorn, empty sultana box, beanz, assortment of toy horses, dinosaur, some face cream and hat wrapped up in it. I chatted with her hoping that she would understand the situation with the TV but she still wanted to leave with no valid excuse. Then I moved off and organized arvo (afternoon) tea, leaving hers on the bench incase she decided to stay. Her afternoon tea was quickly placed in a bag and into her little tied up blanket, which was now on a stick.
She came to see me and we went through the things she would need. She took my hairbrush!
Needless to say, she hasn't left yet and appears to be quietly and happily eating her afternoon tea. I do not think she would have got too far on 50 cents!

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