Thursday, September 16, 2004


Dress Making

Today saw the kids heading off to preschool a lot earlier then normal. On Thursdays I usually do not send them till the afternoon when all they get to do is play. Today I needed the free time as I am busy dress making. I am preparing for Erin's 3rd birthday which will be this Sunday. She loves pretending to be a princess so I am making her a couple of dress up dresses.
Why make them? Why not buy them?
Why not?
The material didn't cost me anything and I have only spent $5 on fake pearls, a zip and some cotton. I have a sewing machine and enough knowledge to draft a rough pattern which I hope will work. So far the skirt is looking good and is almost finished. The top will take about half an hour to run up (I am not very fast on the sewing machine) and I should have it all finished before I head out this arvo to pick up the girls after I have gone grocery shopping.
Then, possibly tonight or tomorrow sometime, I shall sew up the other dress (it is a simple slip dress). After these few things are done it will be time to start planning the summer clothes for my girls.

Note : My mum, who is a dressmaker, gave me at least $50 in usable material scraps. It is probably more since they are high quality fabrics which are used in bridal parties' outfits.

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