Friday, September 24, 2004


Just Keep Walking!

This arvo (afternoon) we went for a long walk, well, it was long for the kids. I started out with Merc on my back and Erin on hubby's shoulders. Jade was riding her bike and Miranda was walking. I thought it was a nice walk and we got to take some nice pics along the way.
In the first 100 meters or so from our house, we found a mulberry tree. It was loaded with ripe and soon to be ripe fruit, so we introduced the kids to the staining delicacies of black mulberries.

We then went off the concrete path and headed bush. Well, it was a dirt track with bush on one side and a railway fence on the other side. The kids all enjoyed themselves and Merc kept on making funny sounds which reminded me of a vampire coming to suck my blood!

On the return trip (after we passed the halfway point) we were greeted by an awesome sunset through the heavy grey clouds.

It was good fun, the kids all enjoyed themselves despite being tired and I hope we get around to doing it again soon.

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