Thursday, September 02, 2004


What To Do?

I found myself thinking that this morning as I stood down the far end of the house surveying J&E's room, the TV room and kitchen/dining room. I had these jobs done last night and, remarkably, they were still tidy and clean.
This morning has been good so far and here is why -
  1. All the kids woke up happy
  2. They all ate breakfast neatly (erin included)
  3. the above mentioned rooms were still tidy
  4. At 9am I even considered ducking down to childcare to drop off the girls but decided against it as I didn't want to make the 40min return drive twice
  5. I discovered old baby clothes that Merc will now fit into as she is growing out of the others (alright, I discovered them last night but today I truly sorted through them)
  6. Miranda whizzed through her school work. I think I will have to set some non-curricular work to do today, maybe art & craft, outside.
  7. The sun is shining so I can catch up with laundry
  8. The wind is blowing so this means I can do twice as much
  9. There is a sale going on and I have the chance of getting a highchair at half price. If I do get it, then it will be our first new highchair.
  10. I am actually wondering what I would need a cleaner for today since I have taken care of most things already
  11. I think I will leave her to do the rest while I prune trees....umm that isn't something that has already happened but will happen and is along the lines of my thought processes.

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