Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Balloon Flowers & Strawberries

Yesterday I resorted to bribery to ease a situation. I promised to buy some balloons so I could make balloon animals. I didn't mind too much as I enjoy it even if I am not very good at it. We used up half of the balloons yesterday making things that partially resembled dogs/giraffes/horses. The kids liked the snakes I made. Today we made flowers that had 3 petals. They turned out pretty well and I am proud of my flower making ability, now I just need to work out how to make that fourth petal. I may buy some more balloons today.

Strawberry season is almost over. The people which deliver out f&v have stopped putting them in the boxes because prices are going up. They are still cheap as chips at the farms though. I bought roughly 4lbs (2kg) of strawberries yesterday for $5. That is cheap. Of course they are only seconds but somehow they always come up as good as (most of the time) as those you get in the shops. This morning we indulged in a few strawberries in the form of a milkshake and out of a bowl. I am busy freezing strawberries for summer so that we can continue to enjoy these delicacies in the hotter months.

Miscellaneous Note:
It took me twice as long as normal to write this as my fingers aren't doing what my brain said. They keep hitting the wring keys and occasionally I miss the backspace key and get the one next to it. I need more sleep. Maybe Merc will sleep tonight instead of crying and being restless till an hour before sun-up.

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