Monday, October 25, 2004


Checking In

Wow, I don't seem to be writing much lately. It is not that I do not have stuff to blog but I just don't have the time to sit down and think. When I do sit down I tend to catch up on my reading rather then informing.
Ah well, perhaps I will find time soon.
In the last few days a few things have happened.
  • I found (kids found actually) a dead rat heavily infested with ants and disposed of it. It could have been there a few days since we haven't been near that side of the house much lately due to rain and going out a lot.
  • We went to the beach (manmade lagoon) with D&PG and kids. That was fun. We met some other people we know, there also.
  • Mercedes loves to play/suck at a bottle now, but gets this confused look on her face should anything come out of it. This is a good sign as it means she will be able to be babysat soonish.
  • My sister had her 15th birthday party on Sunday. It was alright as an unplanned party for a teenager can be. She had 4 friends turn up, myself and kidlets, Jo, cousin Linda and boyfriend. Mum was there of course and she operated the BBQ which had not been touched in years. She had never actually used it before as Ian (stepfather) had always used it prior to his leaving.
  • I took the birthday cake to the party and it was hard to light the candles because it was windy.
  • We have homegroup tonight and it is a meal beforehand so I have less time then normal to clean up the house, do schoolwork, work out how to cook the lamb roast and something else I am sure I have to do but can not remember.
  • Health wise - this family is almost all better. My cough is basically gone, Erin's temperature hasn't done anything else so I am guessing she will be fine. She probably has a cold is all.
  • We put up and washed out the pool last night. It has about 3 inches of water in it because I hate having to change the pool water.
  • I hope it rains again today but not before I get the laundry dry and off the line
  • Bubs is chucking a spit because she can't roll over the way she wants because there is a step in the way.

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