Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Craft : Book Marks

Yesterday we made bookmarks for art and craft. The kids enjoyed it and it provided entertainment that suited their short attention span.

Things Needed

  • sturdy paper or light cardboard
  • lead pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • clear plastic contact
  • coloured pencils
  • permanent marker
  • stickers
  1. Using the lead pencil, draw a picture (the simpler the better) about 1 inch width & 2 inch depth. You can use stencils if you want.
  2. Use the ruler to measure and help guide the length of the bookmark. This should measure roughly 4 inches from the base of the picture and be about the same width of the picture.
  3. Once this is all drawn, outline the picture in the permanent marker. This gives a clearer and more defined edge for little kids.
  4. Give the kids the pictures, coloured pencils and some stickers. Let them create.
  5. For older kids, who are competent, allow them to now cut out the decorated bookmarks.
  6. Take the clear contact and measure out two squares/rectangles that are slightly larger then the bookmark.
  7. Remove protective backing and carefully stick it to the paper/cardboard. This is merely just to help the bookmarks last longer and look a little prettier.
  8. Trim around the edges, leaving as much plastic overhang as you wish. I left about 2 mm around the ones we made.

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