Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Craft : Butterflies

Items Required
1 paddle pop stick
2 medium foam balls
Firm cardboard
Permanent marker
Pipe cleaners
Craft knife
Coloured pencils

  1. Draw butterfly wings on cardboard and cut out. Ensure you leave a small tab on the butterfly wing so it can join to the body.
  2. Colour in wings with coloured pencils
  3. Staple feathers to the wings near the tabs
  4. Cut a slit into one polystyrene ball and push through paddle pop stick, till it comes out the other side.
  5. Make another slice in the remaining polystyrene ball and push on for head. Only push stick in part way.
  6. On the body section on the butterfly, make two more slices, one for each wing.
  7. Push in wings
  8. Curl pipe cleaners around a pencil to make antennae, then push antennae into the head of the butterfly
  9. Draw eyes and mouth on the butterfly.
Note : This is only a rough guide as to how you can make a butterfly. How you make it is up to you.

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