Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Craft : Door Hangers

The kids made door hangers the other day. I promised I would write it up and here it is.

Items Required

Cardboard (firm white board and thin coloured board)
Coloured pencils
Cutting/craft knife
Lead pencil
Permenent marker

  1. Trace around the stencil on the firm white cardboard
  2. Cut out with scissors / craft knife
  3. Get children to colour in the door hangers
  4. Using the coloured card, draw simple pictures on them with lead pencil, then do the outlines in permenent marker
  5. Cut out the simple pictures
  6. Glue to the door hanger
Note : The difficulty of this is up to the individual. The more detail put into the cut out pictures the more difficult it will become. Simple bright pictures work well for younger children.

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