Tuesday, October 19, 2004


A Few Things About Today

  • I am now on antibiotics for this flu/virus I have. I cannot wait till it is over and I can feel well again. I really would like to experience that feeling again. Between my teeth, ears and this flu (and the kids flu) I have not felt well for quite a while. I think I had a week in there somewhere.
  • On the way to the doctors this morning we were held up in traffic. As we crept along (a 1 minute run took about 20 minutes to complete) we saw and heard (on the radio) what the problem was. Apparently someone had an accident in the wet weather and collided with a power pole. The accident caused some major wiring to come loose and the caused the power pole to start burning. This spike in the power caused the substation to click off. The backup was currently in use as they had planned on upgrading it today (dunno what it is called). This left the area I was entering with no traffic lights, police controlling traffic, 4 lanes into 2 and a good use of time since I was early to the docs anyhow.
  • There have been birds everywhere. I noticed so many different varieties today on the way to and from childcare. There were minors, galahs, a kingfisher, wild ducks, magpies, pee-wees, and lots of other birds I can't think of at the moment.
  • I have been out all day and have lost my memory. I am thinking of backing it up on the hard drive. Perhaps I will just blog it all so I can look back and read what I am missing or forgotten, or something like that.
  • Mercedes has learnt some new sounds. She has been going "Ba ba ba ba ba ba" most of today. That has mostly been said when she was confined to the car seat as we spent a huge portion of the day in the car. She is starting to try and communicate.
  • I can't wait for bed tonight but I have to as I am waiting up for Miranda to come home from girls' brigade.

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