Saturday, October 30, 2004



My grandma is ill.
Not too long ago she had leiginaires disease, then a few months after that she had some bleeding which they thought was bowel cancer.
It wasn't bowel cancer but just a pollyp that burst. They fixed that problem but then she started bleeding again. They went in and fixed the problem but then her temperature went up indicating that she had an infection somewhere.
I found out that last bit of news yesterday.
Last night my mum went up to the hospital which she is situated in and is currently staying at my cousin's house.
Today we were told she had to have another operation to 'clean' her out as she had developed septisemia (sp?). There was a 50-50 chance of coming out of the operation alive.
She came out alive and ok. Now it is just a waiting game to see how things go after the operation.
For some reason I am not upset. She has lived roughly 75 years, produced 5 kids, who have all gone on to have children and a few of us have produced great-grandchildren. She has met her great-grandchildren (apart from Merc). She has also lived a very full life. If she was to die then it would be a celebration of her life and not a mourning of her passing.
You could say that she has left a legacy of sorts. Not a financial one but a physical one.

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