Friday, October 15, 2004


The Magpie

It did not circle lazily in the air, surveying it's domain, nor did it sit quietly among the tall branches of the gum tree. The black and white bird scoured it's territory for threats to it's young, that were still confined to the nest
There came a lady, walking a well beaten path, unaware of the danger lurking high in the tree top.
Suddenly there was a loud clap heard and a sharp pain streaking through her head, her senses confused as fear took over. Then, a warning call rang out across the blue sky and she then realized what had happened. She ran, till she thought she was clear of this imminent danger.

In Australia there are signs posted around the place, news articles written and adds placed in papers, telling of the coming magpie breeding season. Magpies are highly protective of the area in which their nests are and from the time the eggs are hatched till the time the babies leave the nest, the parents will try to fend off possibly threats, i.e. people. In my 28 years alive I have only been attacked once and then it was because I wasn't paying proper attention.
Peewee's live in the same areas as magpies and will quite often fend off the magpies.
Most of the year you do not need to watch out for magpies as they are no threat to people, and if they are a threat in a high public area then they will be caught and moved elsewhere.

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