Sunday, October 31, 2004



November starts tomorrow.
I can already see that it is going to be a big month for us.
I have signed on to the novel writing, there is Christmas to prepare for, possibly a funeral to attend, a friend to take book shopping, painting to be done at church, a school excursion, schoolwork to get busy with, swimming lessons (possibly), horse riding, basketball practice and the other things I would also normally do like data entry at home, keeping the house, girls brigade, etc.
I may possibly be looking after my mum's shop also.

Update on Grandma
Apparently she is already on the max medication that they can put her on. The improvement seen last night was false hope but there is still a chance she will pull through it. She is in the ICU and on life support still.
I still am not really upset but my mind has been on other things, such as, what will grandad do? Should I try to get a key to open up mum's shop and organize employment for while she is away? We really need a bigger house as parents and grandparents are starting to get older. (My dad hasn't got good health and had to cancel his Christmas trip down here)
There are a few more thoughts going through my head. I wonder what the others will think of me if I refuse to go up north until the funeral (I would have to take the kids with me), and also if I try to make my sister stay down here until the funeral (if there is one).
The reason I would try to keep my sis down here is because she works as a dental assistant. This is no biggy except for the fact that it is only her and the dentist that operate their surgery. If my sis was to go away for a few days the dentist would find it hard to operate on her own and would therefore lose work also, unless she was able to get a temp in rather quickly.
That is just a few thoughts for now.

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