Monday, October 04, 2004


Occasional Dribble

Poor Jade has gotten the virus which Miranda had. She is tucked up in bed today snoozing. I am hoping she will be better before Friday as that is when we have hubby's surprise birthday trip. If she isn't better then we will have to cancel. I just hope Erin doesn't come down with it next, or me, or hubby. I think Merc has it also, she has had some high temps (not that high, but enough to make her warm and drowsy) and hasn't been sleeping that well at night, and she isn't teething.
I think I will need a holiday when this is all over, to get some rest. Good thing though, my teeth and ear doesn't hurt anymore.
Some of the good things that came out of Miranda being sick
  • she learnt that medicine can help you
  • Jade and Erin actually got heard and talked more since Miranda had slept most of it away
  • there was moments of quietness in the house
  • Miranda learnt the significance of fruit & veg in our diet (I hope)
  • My doc knows more about how to treat people then the hospital (though we were only at the emergency room half an hour)
I am sure there is more but I need to keep myself awake with a little housework and trying to organise some more door hanger craft. I shall do a craft post on it when I get photos to accompany.

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