Friday, October 01, 2004



You need patience when
  • you get up hourly throughout the night to tend to a sick kid and that mostly includes sheet changes
  • you have no spare sheets because they are all in the wash pile
  • you need to take 2 hours out of your day for a 5 minute doctors appointment
  • as you hang out the freshly washed sheets, it starts to rain
  • the sun comes out 5 minutes later
  • the toddler is crying and can't decide which cup to have her juicy in
  • the cup you choose is wrong regardless of which cup it is
  • explaining that oil is not juicy
  • opening a fresh packet of cookies to find out it is the wrong one
  • offering crackers and having them refused
  • crackers are taken 5 minutes later because she has changed her mind
  • juicy is spilt near the home security system
  • republishing your blog
  • there is still one load of laundry to go after the current one is finished
  • having the sick one not willingly participate in eye drops
  • knowing you have folding to do, dinner to cook, floors to vacuum and dishes to do.
  • it is 3pm
Fortunately it is the holidays! I think!

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