Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Seen On The Back Of A Grocery Catalogue

"Fuel for thought
The average family consumes 30.8 litres of petrol a week"

I guess that means we are not an average family, since we drive a higher then a small sedan, petrol consuming people mover which uses roughly 60 litres of petrol weekly. We do anywhere up to 600 km per week in travel. There are those who commute from the sunshine coast to the city 5 days a week. I even knew someone who travelled almost daily from the sunshine coast to the gold coast, which would mean up to a 3 hour trip on the highway, one way.
I looked at the fine print on the catalogue and it was based on a survey done in 2002. In 2002 we were doing the gold coast run at least twice a week, there and back, but our car back then was a sports car and didnt take as much petrol as the people mover. I would like to get a sports car again but it is not practical at the moment (and banks don't think we earn enough because we are self employed)


I haven't been commenting much on blogs lately mostly because I have been unwell and only skim reading them. I hope to get that well feeling again soon.

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