Monday, October 18, 2004


What Have I Been Up To?

Not a lot really, just trying to get better really.
I did pick up a canvas yesterday with which to paint my definition of freedom. You will get to see what I did when it is finished.
The kids, hubby and I have headed down to the nearby lake to catch baby guppies. They are in the spare fish tank at the moment. And it is official, the dog is crazy. At one stage the only way she could stop from her flat out run across the sand was to run into me. She, also, at one stage ran around and around in circles until they got smaller and she dropped to a panting, sandy drop behind Merc. And, she doesn't dig with only her front paws, but with her nose. Her paws are mostly to make it look like she is digging but all the work gets done with her nose. She is a dutch barge dog but hates getting wet!
Merc makes "mmmmm mmmmm mmmm" sounds when she wants something to eat. She will not eat food I prepare specially for her if we are all eating something different.
It is raining..'does a happy dance'
Erin has moved up into the sunflowers room at pre-school (3yrs - 4.5yrs)
Jadeen has shown that she can recognize numbers and quite adequately show us which is which. We did simple maths this morning at breakfast and she grasped it easily.
Miranda is doing what she does best, being herself.
Time to get to schoolwork.

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