Monday, November 01, 2004


Craft : Penguin Christmas Decorations

  • 1 large polystyrene ball
  • 1 small polystyrene ball
  • toothpick
  • 1 stocking
  • black paint
  • white paint
  • yellow paint
  • red paint
  • ribbon
  1. Place toothpick halfway into large ball. Place smaller ball atop the toothpick, so as to create a rough penguin shape
  2. Place penguin in stocking, small ball first, until it nestles in the toe.
  3. Pull stocking firmly so as to create the shape of the penguin.
  4. Tie off stocking and trim loose ends.
  5. Paint penguin black, leaving some space to paint a white belly and face. Paint belly and face.
  6. Paint detail on face and wings.
  7. Tie on ribbon to create a bow or scarf type look.
You can hang these by putting some string/thread around the neck or attaching it to the head.

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