Thursday, November 04, 2004


Grandma Update

I just got off the phone with mum and putting together a shepherds pie (recipe to come).
Apparently they (hospital) have been able to reduce her sedation and pain medication. They did not have to use the last resort which was a course of antibiotics which cost $25,000 for a single course. That is a lot of money regardless of which country you come from.
When my mum went and saw grandma last night, as she spoke to her she (g'ma) opened an eye and was able to look at her. She couldn't speak due to a tube down her throat. G'ma is also able to breath more on her own and doesn't rely quite so much on the machine.
My plan was to take all 4 kids in tomorrow to see grandad and take them some food. I am not sure what is happening yet as he is moving into my mum's place because the accommodation at the hospital is $90 per night.
I also found out that i am possibly babysitting 2 kids Friday and Saturday night. Will have to find out more on that one also.
Sometime I have to find time to write a novel, cook more meals to help support the large number of people suddenly at mum's house, draft up a calendar for clients, produce artwork for the calendar, school, work, keep house, fold laundry (this is a totally separate thing from housework), sleep, and various other things that involve sports, kids, husband, and something else I am probably forgetting.
Have a good weekend!

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