Monday, November 08, 2004


Mummy Fixit!

I pulled out the phillips head screw drivers today and set to work on a toy and clock. The clock didn't make it, it wasn't working to start with. It is the 3 year olds clock that she got yesterday and drowned with hair detangling spray this morning. Maybe it will work when it dries out, maybe.
The toy was a 'buzz lightyear'. It had had the same batteries in it for about 4 years so i decided to replace them today and attempt to fix the broken wing. I fished out the broken peices but the spring loaded wings are beyond my fixing skills but the kids don't mind as it has been that way for a while.
Now I am wondering if it was such a good idea to replace the batteries, as it is very loud....Oh well, I guess they will wear down before too long.

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